Toode Kogus

Anti-Static Glass Cleaner 500ml

Experience the distinctive qualities of ORBIK, where innovation meets excellence. Our formula boasts remarkable antistatic properties, ensuring surfaces stay free from static build-up. Enjoy the convenience of instant drying without a trace of stains, leaving your treated surfaces immaculate and pristine. Revel in the radiant sheen that ORBIK imparts, elevating the aesthetic appeal of every treated surface. Embrace a product that combines functionality with a lasting glossy finish, making ORBIK the ideal choice for those who seek unparalleled performance in every application.

Introducing the ultimate car care kit designed for true enthusiasts – a meticulously curated collection of 12 diverse products crafted to meet the varied needs of passionate car aficionados. This comprehensive kit is a must-have for anyone seeking to elevate their car care routine. From exterior brilliance to interior detailing, we’ve got you covered. Each product is carefully formulated to deliver professional-grade results, ensuring your vehicle receives the attention it deserves. Unleash your passion for pristine automobiles with the essential car care kit that caters to every facet of your vehicle, embodying the perfect blend of quality and versatility.


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