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Shine is an innovative ceramic surface protection agent based on SIO2 and titanium. Shine is water and dirt repellent for surfaces and creates a very strong gloss on the surface that creates a self-cleaning effect and makes future maintanance easier. The product stays on the surface up to 4 months depending on future care. Use cleaning agents with up to 12.0 pH for future maintenance.


Reduces adhesion of dirt (including pitch, salts, tar, insects, fat, and bird droppings) on the surface. Hydrophobic water-repellent layer. Creates a dirt-repellent layer on the surface. Self-cleaning effect. Creates a UV protective layer on the surface (UV-A; UV-B). Protection against oxidation. Protection for up to 4 months.


Weight 0,25 kg



Use on the dry surface: Wash the surface thoroughly, recommended for removing remains of wax on vechiles. Dry the car thoroughly. Apply the product as a light fog layer onto a clean and cool surface as widely as possible. Polish immediately by hand with a clean microfiber cloth in a waving motion. Follow up with a second light buff using another clean microfiber towel in a waving motion. Do not use the product in the direct sunlight. Do not use the product on hot surfaces. Do not use the product on dry surfaces. Always use a dry and clean microfiber cloth. P102: Keep out of reach of children. pH 6.0


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