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Very effective tar, asphalt, salt, grase, insect, adhesive, traffic film, tire mark remover. Works effectively on dirty surfaces and places of difficult access. Miracle has been developed to get tar back in a liquid state so that it can be easily washed off. This makes the surface free of tar and other contaminations. Miracle benefits comes of the solvents extracted from orange peels. Light citric fragrance.

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Spray the product on a dry surface. Give the Miracle time to dissolve 2-4 minutes. Use pressure washer and start rinsing from bottom to top. For removing spots Spray some product on a microfiber cloth and treat the surface with it. Repeat if necessary. The rinse the surface well to neutralize the Miracle solvent. It’s recommended to wash the surfaces after with a water based pre-wash agent or shampoo. Avoid sensitive plastics and rubber. Do not allow to dry on surfaces. Do not use in direct sun or hot surfaces. Test in hidden area before use and work in a well ventilated area.


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