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Urban Racing "Venom" Wheel Cleaner 500ml

Very effective, acid-free and pH balanaced detergent for cleaning wheels and chassis surfaces. Cleans the dirt stuck and burnt on the wheels (brake dust, road kill, iron oxide resulting from water and studs). Removes iron oxide and corrosive compounds, which are detrimental to the coating, from colour and glass pores. Restores the natural look of the colour. Use the product before waxing the vehicle. Thanks to the low pH, the product does not wear the processed surfaces. Biodegradable and acid-free.

Area of use:

Wheels (aluminium, chrome, alloy and other painted/varnished rims). The painted surface of vehicles. The use of the product is not recommended directly on brake callipers.


Urban Racing "Shine" Ceramic Spray 250ml

Shine is an innovative ceramic surface protection agent based on SIO2 and titanium. Shine is water and dirt repellent for surfaces and creates a very strong gloss on the surface that creates a self-cleaning effect and makes future maintenance easier. The product stays on the surface up to 4 months depending on future care. Use cleaning agents with up to 12.0 pH for future maintenance.


Urban Racing "Miracle" Tar Remover 500ml

Very effective tar, asphalt, salt, grase, insect, adhesive, traffic film, tire mark remover. Works effectively on dirty surfaces (painted surfaces, plastic and rims) and places of difficult access. Miracle has been developed to get tar back in a liquid state so that it can be easily washed off. This makes the surface free of tar and other contaminations. Miracle benefits comes of the solvents extracted from orange peels. Light citric fragrance.



This kit consists of 3 Urban Racing detailing products that are crafted for professionals but are available for regular consumers here at Autopedant, where passion for your car meets perfection!

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